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Pet stores often sell a variety of bulk pet treats by the pound from open canisters. The advantage to purchasing these treats over packaged treats is that you the customer can see what is being purchased. It is important to buy only those treats that will be used quickly, however, because treats left in the open air may go stale more quickly than those treats that are protected by packages.

In addition to prescription pet food, many pet stores sell specialty pet foods. Such specialty foods include loaf-style pet foods (sometimes called “rollover), frozen pet foods, and nonprescription foods for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or with for dogs with weight problems or coat problems--or even for dogs on vegetarian diets.

Prescription pet food is often sold at pet store chains. This prescription food is used to treat many physical ailments, including heart disease and kidney disease. Because it is only sold by prescription, many times this food is sold only at stores that have an on-site veterinarian or at stores that work in connection with a veterinary clinic.

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Looking for a Ithaca Pet food store?

What is a Pet Food Store?
A Pet Food Store is a professional managed facility. which traditionally sells natural as well as manufactured food products including specialty foods and treats. Also. pet supply stores sell all needed products for your pet.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a place:
» To purchase food products for your pet
» To purchase speciality foods such as specific diets and allergy products.
» To find hard to find product including all natural pet foods
» To purchase pet toys. pet grooming products. health care aids.
» To find virtually anything that you need for your pet
then you look for a commercial pet food store.

Where do you find a pet food store?
PetCareChannel will help you to find the best stores providing pet foods pet supplies. and other pet care services. Check our listings to find the best pet supply store close to you. Whether a commercial pet food store or a specialty supply store. you should prefer licensed pet supply companies .
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