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Ask for a tour of the facility and make sure you get a chance to look at the kennels, vet facilities, spa, therapy areas, exercise areas as well as the general facilities lay out. If it houses several types of pets, are they kept separate and how is each area secured?

Some pet centers will not take particular breeds of dog or pets that are ill or have a history of aggression or running away. This is usually due to liability issues as well as safety of staff, visitors, other pets as well as your pet.

Find out about staff turn over at the pet center. If the staff is fairly consistent you can be assured that your pet will get to know the staff and handlers, making being left at the pet center or just visiting for grooming and vet checks more personal and less anxiety causing for the pet.

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Looking for a Ithaca Pet care service?

What is a pet care service?
Pet day care services are professional service centers, which traditionally provides care to your pet when you are at wor, busy or otherwise unable to do so.

Why do you look for one?
» To have a professional care for your pet when you can not be there.
» To keep your pet out of trouble when you are not home.
» To provide your pet with companionship when you are away.
» To care for your pet as you would when you are unable to do so.
» To provide the attention to your dog when you are just too busy to do so.
then you consider dogcare service

Where do you find good pet day care service?
Localwin.com will help you to find the best companies providing professional pet care. and pet monitoring services. Check our listings to find the best pet day care services close to you.
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