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It is possible to tell the sex of a parakeet from the band of flesh that grows across its nostrils, called a “cere.” A male parakeet will have a smooth bluish or purple cere, while the cere on a female will be tan or brown and will be rough in appearance. Only parakeets at or approaching physical maturity will be differentiated in this manner.

There is no known same sex aggression between bird species. If you do not wish for your birds to breed, then purchase two birds of the same sex to keep together. You may wish to purchase a small cage to move one of the birds to during mating season as an alternative to purchasing two or more of the same sex.

Younger parakeets are often a better purchase than those that are more mature. Young parakeets are easier to hand train and are easier to teach to talk. It is possible to tell a young parakeet by the black bars that cross the feathers on its forehead. A parakeet with clear yellow or white forehead feathers is close to or at physical maturity.

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Looking for a Sioux Falls Petshop?

What is a Petshop?
A petshop is a professional managed facility. which traditionally sells all sorts of pets ranging from dogs. cats. to birds. fish. ferrets and other animals. They also sell products such as health care products and foods for the animals.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a place:
» To find the perfect pet to call your own.
» To find specialty products for your pets.
» To locate the right cages and carrying containers for the pets.
» To find training help for your pet.
» To locate the perfect toy or animal related gift.
then you look for a pet center.

Where do you find a Petshop?
PetCareChannel will help you to find the best pet centers providing the perfect dog or cat the right foods and toys to keep them healthy and happy. and all the training. information and skills services for your pet. Check our listings to find the best pet centers close to you. Whether a professional trainer or an skilled groomer. you should prefer licensed pet centers to provide for your needs..
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