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Camp Bow Wow - Bergen Elmwood Park, NJ
Camp Bow Wow is a premier doggy day care and non-traditional boarding kennel, which means the pups are busy with camp activities during the day and go to their cabins only at meal time and bedtime. T... Not rated yet. Rate this business!
If you need a dog boarding facility, make sure to give enough advanced warning to the location that you will be coming by. During the holiday season and at some points during the summer, they book up very quickly. Calling on them as soon as possible is the best way to secure your place for your pet.

Before you consider leaving your dog at a dog boarding facility, make sure that you stop in and do an unexpected tour of the location. You want to know what the day to day location will be like for your pet, not what it would be if they knew you were coming. Any location should allow you a tour.

When touring a dog boarding facility, make sure that you find out if they have a current American Boarding Kennel Association membership plaque or some other display located for you to see. This will tell you that they are considered to be a high quality facility and one that can operate.

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Looking for a Tri-state Area Dog boarding facility?

What is a dog boarding facility?
Dog boarding kennels are a professional managed facility. which traditionally aids individuals by providing housing for a pet when the owner is not able to do so.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a dog boarding facility:
» To provide a home to your dog while you are on vacation.
» To provide food. water and other necessary supplies to your pet.
» To care for your pet when you are at work or away from the home.
» To provide care to your sick or ill pet when you can not.
» To care for your pet in any way that is necessary when you can not do so.
then you look for a dog boarding facility

Where do you find a dog boarding kennel?
Localwin.com will help you to find the best companies providing high quality dog care housing. and professional care services. Check our listings to find the best dog boarding facility close to you. Whether an independently owned or a large full scale company. you should prefer licensed dog boarding facility.
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